tres fou

AA black disco pants


does anyone want to buy mine off me?
i bought them less than a year ago, and have hardly worn them because i bought a small and they’re too big :(

or if someone wants to swap that has an xs that would be amazinggg.

paypal and stuff,

they’re aud $122 on the website, i don’t want to overcharge coz i have worn them, but as i said not on many occasions, so i’m thinking maybe $85.
I ammm only selling them so i can afford to buy a new xs pair! 

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Let’s see how many Melbournians have tumblr!

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i tagged you in something i just reblogged, reminded me of you <3 P.S next week we are going book shopping and finding the loves of our lives!!! yay!

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haha aw meow! yess i look forward to it :) oh i forgot to reply to which day! whens your day off again? i think thursday after 2 should be good for me if that’s okay with you